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About Pests
Pests as we all know are small creatures when are in their natural habitat are a part of nature's one of the finest creation but when they enter of living room they are no less than a pain in the neck. Pests like cockroaches, spiders, silverfishes, rats can be found in any corner of a premise though properly clean. This happens because to control these pests you need more than just dusting or moping.
What Are Pests ?
Pests are small creatures which can make our life hell. Pest have a large family of different types of species. Cockroaches, Spiders, Crickets, Ants, Moths, Rats and Rodents, Mosquitoes, etc come under the category of pests.We can find them anywhere under the sink, debris, plants (artificial & natural), cupboards, kitchen shelves and and hide outs.
Damages Done by Pests
These pests not only damages our properties but also lead to many epidemics. With them they carry many harmful bacteria and germs which causes irritation, allergies, and many other health related problems. 60% of any nation's food stock get destroyed by these pests which indirectly causes many unbearable problems. Economically they do us a lot of damage and socially also they give us embarrassment.